October 13th, 2022
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Imprint Your Brand On Style, Strength & Courage

Yeah, I said it ;) Don’t look so shocked! Bandanas fall into the category of promotional badassery!

Maybe you’re thinking — “Pff. What makes them so badass? They’re just a cloth you wear on your head..” If so, perfect! You’re just who I was looking for. This article will clear any preconceived poop off your biased goggles and reveal bandanas for the advertising badasses they truly are ;)

If you’re currently snubbing them from your promo arsenal, please keep reading!
We’ll talk about why promo bandanas are awesome, plus the best ones for imprinting. Here’s why you want them in your marketing fold —

They’ve Got Epic History

When you imprint your logo on bandanas, their iconic energy and historical relevance rub off on your brand. Their appeal, power and energy become part of your identity. You can’t buy that kind of awesomeness for any cheaper.

Their documented adventure through time is so epic that even Bilbo Baggins would be jealous.

It began in the late 1700s when an American printer named John Hewson designed the first modern-style bandana as a gift for George Washington —

It featured the president riding a horse, with flags and cannons. Boom! The first promo bandana was born ;)

In 1921, an army of 10,000 pissed-off West Virginia mine workers assembled to demand better working conditions —and they all wore red bandanas. Needless to say, they got what they wanted and it was a big win for humankind.

Fast-forward to the 1940s —workforce women gave bandanas a new badass appeal. With men overseas fighting in World War 2, lots of females took manual labor jobs. Many wore bandanas to keep hair out of their face and project an image of strength and perseverance.

A great example is the well-known war propaganda piece called Rosie the Riveter.

I could go on and on about who popularized bandanas —cowboys, bikers, athletes, rockstars like Jimi Hendrix & rappers like Tupac. But let’s move on to the next reason they make killer promo products.

They’re Insanely Versatile

If you search “What are bandanas used for?” you’ll get articles like 109 Bandana Uses That’ll Blow Your Mind, etc. My god, man! That’s an a$$load of uses!
Instead of trying to break the Guinness Book for ways to use them, I’m just going to hone in on the most popular ones —

The Bandana Headband

If you’ve turned on the TV or ventured out in public in the last 50 years, you’ve seen them ;) It’s when people tie a bandana around their forehead to create a headband appearance. This style was made famous by tennis players, hip-hop icons & rock n roll legends.

Check out some cool customizable bandanas perfect for this look.

Here are some different ways people can tie them for style points.


The Do-Rag Dandy

This is when it’s tied like a headband, but some of the fabric is covering the top of the head. Its pop culture roots are deeply embedded in pirates, rappers and models. Jack Sparrow, Eminem and Rhianna to name a few.

They also keep dirt and UV rays off people’s heads. That’s why they’re a hit with outdoor workers and beachheads. Women also love the du-rag style because it keeps hair out of their face, and looks pretty doing it.

If you want some killer, silky-feeling custom do-rags perfect for corporate gifting or appreciation gifts, there you go. Also, here are some of the best full-color promotional bandanas for folding into do-rags.

Also, here are some of the best full-color promotional bandanas for folding into do-rags.


A Neck Scarf with Attitude

They don’t have to go on your head. Lots of people, especially women, use them as “neckerchiefs.” They tie around the neck —cowboy style, like a scarf.

Here’s a great deal if you’re looking for promo neck scarf bandanas in bulk.

They’re also worn as bandana hair ties and wrist accessories. Some women take it one step further and tie them to a purse or bag.

If you want to learn more ways to wear bandanas, go right ahead ;)

FAQ About Advertising On Custom Bandanas

  • How Are Custom Bandanas Printed?

    The imprint methods can vary. But there’s screen-printing, rotary, dye sublimation and digital full-color transfer prints. Many prefer screen-printed bandanas because they produce a rich look —especially in full color.

  • What Are Most Bandanas Made Of?

    They can be made of different materials. Typically they’re made of lightweight woven cotton. But you can also get silk for extra softness —many do-rags have this. They can also be made of polyester, which doesn’t shrink as much —but most people prefer 100% cotton bandanas.

  • What Is the Most Popular Design for Promo Bandanas?

    People love the vintage paisley pattern. These cool designs were huge in the 60s and 70s. They originated in ancient Asia, but people everywhere love their cool almond shape and nostalgic appeal.

  • What Brands Are the Most Bandana-Friendly?

    They work as a cool, cheap promo product for all brands. But if you want a list of the best industries for bandana promo, here you go —

    • Motorcycle
    • Beauty
    • Music
    • Urban Clothing
    • Outdoor
    • Hiking
    • Sports & athletics

    But don’t be scared to imprint your logo on bandanas if you’re not in those categories. They’re great fundraiser items for companies in this sector too — Real estate, Banking, Healthcare

  • What’s the Cheapest Way To Print Bandanas For Giveaways?

    When you buy in bulk, you save big. Going through a promotional company that specializes in bandana imprint will save you money, time and a mental breakdown ;)


Well, I hope you found some nuggets to extract from this article. And maybe, just maybe you’ll see bandanas for the badasses they are! Not the handkerchiefs you thought they were ;) Now put all these tips for bandana advertising to good use. Make their style, history and power work for you.
Starquix are experts on all things printed and promotional. Let our team help you select awesome promotional swag today!

October 13th, 2022
6 Minute Read